It is a great honor that we won ECO-VC Activity Award, and we also received EX passport by Panasonic Ltd..
With this EX-passport, we have a enormous chances to have business with all customers in Panasonic group.
ECO・VC Activity : Activities which are addressed among entire Panasonic Group such as reduction of environmental burdens (carbon-dioxide and input resources reduction, and uses of Recycled Resources in business activity) and cost rationalization to enhance value and charming feature the products have.

ECO-VC Active Award
That's a honorable prize that is given to remarkable supplier based on accomplishments in business case out of 1,440 other suppliers.
That's the greatest possible honor for our technical strength and KAIZEN skills.
We will certainly promise our continuous improvement and gymnastics to live up to this prize.
We would love you to experience our well-established innovative rationalization by experiments and organized skills.